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I was born in a small house located on the banks at the marshy headwaters of the Corsica River in Centreville, Maryland. I have spent virtually my entire life at work and play in the outdoors. In my youth , you could find me busy trapping muskrats, hunting squirrels and crabbing with my father. We also loved to search for Indian Arrowheads in local fields. As a teenager I was a master barber, but since that can’t be done in the outdoors, I traded in my scissors for a gun and goose call and became a guide of goose hunting parties for a local waterfowl outfit.

Starting in my 20’s and then for the next 25 years, I owned and operated my own guide service—Geese Unlimited. Later I became a certified shooting instructor, and owned and operated several Sporting Clay ranges both in Maryland and South Carolina where I lived for several years.

 Eventually I discovered the magnificent Wild Turkey and how to make calls to hunt them with. I formed my Close Calls game call Co. in 1989. Long recognized as a pioneer in Limited Edition and hand painted custom calls, I now turn my talents to also writing about my great adventures in the outdoors. I wrote my first book “ One Man’s Close Calls" in the fall of 2007. Ihope to be publishing a sequel to it in the fall of 2009.  I continue to strive to make some of finest looking and sounding turkey calls for your turkey woods.

 Happy Hunting
Ron Clough



"One Man's Close Calls"
A biography of sorts about my great adventures hunting in the outdoors since I was big enough to walk,  The people ( famous & infamous ) I have met along the way.  If you are an avid hunter, you will enjoy this read.  See my testimonial page.


Close Calls II is finished and at the press.  It will be ready for shipping approx Nov 5.  I firmly believe this book to be TWICE as good as the first one!  It will make you laugh, make you cry and make you read it again and again.  You can pre book it now and reserve your copy as it too will be a Limited Edition.  It is available in the regular edition for $30 for one copy and then you can  buy extra copies for $20 each as gifts for your friends and families.  What a great Christmas present they make—personalized to the receiver!  There will also be a very special Presidential Limited Edition package which consists of 1 of the 150 edition—it will have it’s own different dust jacket, will have 8 full color pages the reg ed will not have and come in a glass top Maple presentation case.  The package will include a matching # Companion Box Call  -  “William’s Call” made to honor the central character in chapter 10 “The Gift”.  Plus the pckg also includes 1 of my fancy white and camo Pro Staff monogrammed hats autographed to you with YOUR name monogrammed on the back.  The Presidential Package is $155.

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